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How to Reach Your Audience In More Places

with Less Cost and Less Work

How to Reach Your Audience In More Places with Less Cost and Less Work

Multifamily Leadership Reveals New Marketing Platform for Growing and Scaling Your Business After Over a Year of Testing and Development

Multifamily Leadership Reveals New Marketing Platform for Growing and Scaling Your Business After Over a Year of Testing and Development

Dear Friend,

Imagine, sitting down and receiving emails asking to see demos of your product.

Better yet, they're ready to buy. You've earned their trust across multiple platforms, and they want more.

Imagine, running all your communication with them through one platform. No swapping between programs for texting, social media, email, and more.

It's faster this way. It's easier this way.

...and Imagine, never being ripped off by another B.S. marketing software that takes too long to set up, integrate, and is impossible to use effectively.

What Marketing Tech Companies DON'T Want You To Know

The average organization uses 91 marketing cloud services according to Netskope. To be fair, their qualification for it is pretty broad. Yet even if you cut that in half, it's still a crazy high number.

How many different softwares are you jumping between? Emails on 1, Social Media on 2, Forms on 3, Organization on 4, Analytics on 5...

Don't underestimate how much time is wasted by swapping between platforms. Each software has a different way of running. Moving between them will slow you down.

Each new software adds to the weight your marketing team carries. Each one was added with the intent of speeding up and improving your marketing. In the end, they build up so much that they slow you down.

As a result, some companies offer to combine many of these services into one CRM. However, that comes with its own issues...

The Curse of the Traditional CRM

If having too many softwares is going to slow you down, there are CRM options. All the software connected in one place. They'll work great, right?

Wrong. You probably knew that already.

Most of them are integration heavy. That means you're paying for all of those individual softwares on top of the CRM. It doesn't actually reduce the number of software you're using. It only haphazardly glues them together.

Beyond that, it can take days to weeks to integrate properly.

I knew a company that tried to integrate into an all-in-one marketing/CRM platform. They got convinced that it had amazing features that could solve all of their problems.

They never learned if it could. They spent two full years trying to get it set up and integrated. They hired staff and consulting, then did everything they could think of to get it to work. It didn't.

In the end, they went back to what they were using before. They wasted almost $3,000,000 million dollars of an initial $1,000,000 million dollar budget.


So it sounds like you have two options:

  1. Buy 7 different softwares where you pay too much for a bunch of features you don't use
  2. Get generic CRM that will take far too much time and money to set up

But what if I told you there was a third option...

3. A Multifamily Marketing Software That Doesn't Need Integrations

It's a lie when a CRM company tells you that you need to integrate to get those features in one place. In their software? Yeah, you might need to. Not ours.

I've got good news for you. Now there's an amazing, new opportunity in marketing that didn't exist before. It works.

You see, we started out as a company looking to sell research. Trade shows were too expensive, so we ran our own event. Running an event, following up on leads, maintaining the funnel... it was a lot of work.

We got a CRM that we paid $67 per user for at the cheapest payment level. That cost builds up quick. In the end, we only used exactly one feature from it. We wanted to be able to tag and group leads easily. That's all we used it for. At the time, we thought it was great.

It wasn't.

We had logins all over the place. Data all over the place. Messy systems to get work done.

Then, our founder Patrick Antrim helped create the biggest launch of an online marketing course ever with Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi. Patrick walked away from this with a new vision.

We decided to take our marketing technology in house. We hired the best developers in the world to accomplish this. In fact, they're still improving the platform today.

Initially, it was just for us. Then, people started asking how we were able to do all of our marketing. They were amazed by what we could do.

And now, it's finally time for us to share it with you

Chances are, almost every part of your interaction with us to get here was done using our Multifamily Clients platform. Social media ad? The website it brought you to? The email we sent you with an email to take you here? The automation that makes that happen seamlessly? This webpage?

All of it is done with the Multifamily Clients platform. All of it. And when you click on the "Talk With An Expert" button below to schedule a demo, it will take you to a calendar page to pick a time. That's done with our platform. It'll look like this.

Screenshot of the schedule a demo page

Once you're scheduled, we'll send you email and text reminders for the meeting. It does all of that for us, too.

Did we use 237 integrations to make that happen? No. There are no integrations required to get everything you need. It's all in one place.

Make Marketing Easy

Marketing is easy when you have the right tools and the guidance to use them effectively. Our mission is to create a product that will make marketing easier and more powerful.

You'll be able to...

  • • Send mass emails and texts
  • • Create social media posts
  • • Build websites
  • • Create automations
  • • Manage product pipelines and funnels
  • • Create and schedule appointments
  • • Track and analyze everything you do

...all without any integrations at all. We want this to be as easy and painless as possible.

No extra products, no integrations. What does this change for your business?

With these, you'll be able to...

  • • Get more work done in less time and have more time for what you WANT to do
  • • Only need to train employees on a single platform
  • • Not have to swap between different softwares, distracting you or your workers
  • • Be able to cross-automate between features that have never been in the same place
  • • Create better marketing campaigns that connect more aspects of marketing

...and it's easy enough for any high school graduate to run.

And We're Making It Even Easier For FREE

It takes a lot of work to move to a new system. The momentum behind the current system keeps people from moving to a better one when given the chance.

Normally, we charge $2997 to get you set up in the software. We understand how important it is to make a transfer as quick and painless as possible. You'll be getting that for free, as long as you're one of the first 100 people to schedule a demo or buy.

We've been using our platform to help our Agency clients since it was in beta. One of our clients was bouncing around from software to software. They were sick and tired of nothing ever living up to the hype.

They're not bouncing around anymore.

Our expert marketing and copywriting team will help you break through to your market. When we help you get set up, we will make the platform useful as fast as possible.

This isn't just importing your list of contacts and a pipeline. We'll help you set up automations, pipelines, webpages, and anything else you need to start making money.

Ready to Make Marketing Simple?

Schedule A Demo To See It In Action

  • See how to create an automatic text back for missed calls

  • Create and schedule appointments with text and email reminders

  • Set up landing pages and lead generation forms

  • Fast, active support on call to help you make the best use of our platform

PLUS Claim Your Accelerated Setup Package For Completely Free!

Where Is Your Money Spent?

You're already paying for employees that are getting less work done than they could. Swapping between softwares is distracting.

Then the marketing software they're using is expensive, too. And you tend to need a lot of them.

Any individual piece seems reasonable on its own. Have you ever stopped to add up how much it all costs?

If you add it all up, that's $2928 every month. We're not charging you $2928.

We're not charging you $2000.

Not even $1000.

No, we're charging only $497.

And no, we're not charging per user. We're not going to punish your company for growing. It's always $497. That's it.

But don't forget, you even get a $2997 Accelerated Setup package for FREE with all of this! Our team will help you get set up quickly so you can make more sales immediately.

But there's a limit. Only the first 100 people to apply for a demo get the free Accelerated Setup package.

If you want that you need to sign up now. Once they're gone, they're gone. You'll be missing out on the FREE $2997 Accelerated Setup.

Now, if there's some reason the Multifamily Clients platform isn't a fit, that's okay, too.

There are no contracts or obligations. You can cancel at any time.

That work for you? Good.

As soon as you create your account, you'll get access to our entire marketing platform. All of our messaging, automations, calendars, and more.

So go ahead and click the button below to access the software. You'll claim your free Accelerated Setup package when you sign up for the software or for a demo up above.

And welcome to the Multifamily Clients community!

-The Multifamily Clients Team

PS: There are real costs to not having the right software. You could be reaching more clients and helping them sooner. Let us help you.

PPS: Remember, most marketing software companies are making you pay for features you'll never use. Meanwhile, other all-in-one companies are going to drown you in integrations. The prices add up fast.

We're making marketing easy with no integrations. You don't need 8 different softwares to run your marketing. You only need one. Just make sure it's the right one.

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