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What is Multifamily Lead Management and Automations?

The Multifamily Clients Software allows you to automate the entire sales process at the touch of a button. Built-in lead management tools can help you track and manage leads as they enter the sales cycle. One of the very useful lead management tools is CRM Pipeline Management.

CRM Pipeline Management is a feature that lets you keep track of opportunities and current clients by tracking their status as they move through the sales cycle. You can assign tasks to remind your sales team to reach out to certain clients and see every interaction they have with your brand.

The Multifamily Clients Pipeline Management tool called, “Opportunities” lets you drag and drop leads and clients into different categories such as: New Leads, Hot Leads, Demo Request, Booking Confirmed, Sold, etc. When leads change status or are entered into certain campaigns, they may be automatically scheduled for an appointment, or the system will simply notify you of this change so you can take action.

Multifamily call tracking or reporting is another feature used for lead management where you can track important call details. This page allows you to see your number of answered and received calls as well as first time calls and average call duration. Now you can discover how many people are calling you on a regular basis, and what your response time is. You can even automate phone calls and voicemails in your settings and make them a part of your campaigns.

The Multifamily Dashboard allows you to see your company’s performance over a certain date range all in one place. You can see your opportunities, pipeline value, conversion rate, funnel stages, tasks, a lead source report, and your reputation management. It’s a quick snapshot of your current business results, and in the sales funnel, you can visually see how many people are in each stage of the funnel and the distribution of them

Lead source reports are also available to you here. This shows where leads are coming from and the value of each one. Here we can see that most leads came from the Demo Calendar and Facebook. On the right hand side, you can also see how many are open, won, or lost.

Another unique feature in this software is automations. For example, when you drag and drop a lead into a new stage in the CRM Pipeline, they can automatically be enrolled in a specific campaign and receive corresponding messages. The system can also automate appointments right on your website or within your sales funnel.

In an appointment reminder, you can include the date/time that your client has scheduled as well as an "Add This To Your Calendar" option. Once everything is confirmed, the appointment will automatically enter your calendar. This is an easy streamlined process that will have calls dropping in at all times!

It's a process to acquire leads, but managing them after is a whole other story. One of the most useful tools for managing and automating the selling process is Campaigns. Campaigns allow you to schedule your sales communications, so that you don’t have to remember everything. For example, if someone signed up for a free trial, you could set an automation to send that person an email immediately after they sign up to thank them and give further information. Then 2 days later, they could receive a phone call from a sales rep asking them how they are enjoying the product. If they decide to cancel their membership, you can have them receive a text message asking them for feedback. Whatever your company needs, this software can create!

The most important part of the Multifamily Clients Lead Management and Automation tools is that they are made specifically for the multifamily industry. We know that consistency is key to sales success (and consistency is exhausting) so we automate it for higher conversions.

We are offering the same campaigns we’ve used to get more than 2 million units in multifamily, and we're offering them to vendors that want to get even more clients. By providing less friction for appointments and communications, your company will receive better conversions on booked calls and demos and say goodbye to rebooking no show appointments.

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