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What is a Multifamily Vendor CRM Pipeline Management?

CRM Pipeline Management is a feature that lets you keep track of opportunities and current clients by tracking their status as they move through the sales cycle. You can assign tasks to remind your sales team to reach out to certain clients and see every interaction they have with your brand.

The Multifamily Clients Pipeline Management tool called, “Opportunities” lets you drag and drop leads and clients into different categories such as: New Leads, Hot Leads, Demo Request, Booking Confirmed, Sold, etc. This allows you to track which customers are in each stage of your pipeline so you can take action accordingly. The best part is, you can create an unlimited number of pipelines for every promotion that you do!

One feature that is unique to the Multifamily Clients software is the campaign management tool. When you drag and drop a lead into a new category, they can automatically be enrolled in a specific campaign. For example, If someone misses an appointment, you can qualify them as a “No Show” and drag them into that respective category. Then, they will automatically join the “No Show Nurture” campaign that you set up previously where they will receive invitations to reschedule or check-ins after a few months. These campaigns are entirely up to you and can be tailored to best help your business.

Within the pipeline management tool, you can sort your contacts in various ways. First, you can have it set to show specific dates and time frames to see when certain people were placed in each category. You can also filter everyone in descending or ascending order, or by whether or not they have a task assigned to them for your sales team to complete, whether they are attending an event, if they have a note or certain tag assigned to them and much more. Finally you can easily switch between different pipelines and campaigns to see which ones your leads are enrolled in.

The Multifamily Clients CRM Pipeline Management is a tool that is unique to multifamily and can be used to ensure no deals slip through the cracks. Use this to target your clients in a way that works for them.

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