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What is the Multifamily Dashboard?

The Multifamily Clients Dashboard shows your company’s performance over a certain date range all in one place. You can see your opportunities, pipeline value, conversion rate, funnel stages, tasks, a lead source report, and your reputation management. It is a quick snapshot of your current business results.

In your dashboard, you can adjust the time frame that you would like to view. For example, if you would only like to see which leads came in between June 22 and December 23rd, you can easily adjust that as seen below. You can also see how many leads have been closed, are still open, or are lost and the total value of them. Sometimes the most valuable information may be to see how much revenue you are losing rather than gaining.

Your conversion rate shows what percentage of leads your team closes which is another great metric to have access to. In the sales funnel, you can visually see how many people are in each stage of the funnel and the distribution of them.

Another item you can access in your dashboard is active tasks. In this example, you can see that Joe Derulo is assigned to have a Follow-Up Phone Call with a lead. This task is one day late. You can filter tasks by user (ie. specific sales team members), completed or pending tasks, and by due date. This helps you accurately keep track of action items and what has been completed.

Lead source reports are also available to you here. This shows where leads are coming from and the value of each one. Here we can see that most leads came from the Demo Calendar and Facebook. On the right hand side, you can also see how many are open, won, or lost.

The Multifamily Clients Software can also be integrated with Google Business allowing you to see your analytics all on one dashboard. Another important feature in the dashboard is the reputation management tool. Here you can see your reviews from any location, as well as your average rating received. You can also see your percentage of positive and negative reviews, set an invites goal and manage your review requests sent to past or current clients.

The vast majority of multifamily vendors are not seeing the shift in the market. It’s happening right under their feet, and we have solved the problem with software. We know that consistency is key to sales success (and consistency is exhausting), so we automate it for higher conversions. Our software provides less friction for appointments, resulting in better conversions on booked calls and demos. You can view the results of these campaigns in your dashboard.

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