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What are Multifamily Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels are one of the key aspects of digital sales and marketing. This process helps bring in new leads and turn those leads into sales. It can also be used to gain brand recognition. Here, potential clients or buyers can become aware of your product when they weren’t previously, or be reintroduced to your brand after a period of time.

There are 4 stages of a sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action, and there are many different lead magnets you can employ, such as a clever social media post, paid advertisement, email blast, online quiz, survey, free report, etc. These can draw people into the sales funnel and eventually convert them to buy. To do this, you want to give them something that will solve one of their problems.

Here are examples of sales funnels that are already built in the Multifamily Clients Software:

If your clients are having trouble leasing apartments, you may want to use a page like this:

To first make people aware of your business, you have to think about their psychology. This means you need to come up with a report or white paper that will grab the attention of your target audience. How do they think? What are they looking to solve? If someone is interested in leadership, you could run an ad to an online quiz that helps them discover their leadership style. Whatever you decide, this lead magnet will start the funnel process.

And here’s how the funnel works. These multi-step processes usually begin with your free report or lead magnet, which then sends people to a landing page. Whether you are posting on social media about an upcoming event, appearing on a podcast, running an ad, or offering a free ebook, these will all send people to your main landing page where you drive all of your traffic.

After someone reaches the landing page, you will ask them to fill out a form that asks for their basic contact information (Name, Email Address, Phone Number) if they would like more information or to receive their results, get their free report, claim their $150 offer, etc. After this step, you could take them to a “Thank You page” which would then enter them into a campaign and send them an email with more information. Now you have a new lead, their contact information and the ability to tag them as “Interested” to then further target them in the future. If you are offering a free trial or service, as seen below, you could drive them to a calendar to book an appointment once they fill out their information. The opportunities are endless.

This takes you to the Decision stage. From here, you could have a call with potential clients to make your sale, or simply provide them with information through email marketing and SMS texts/voicemails to let them know about special offers coming up. This way, your clients can already formulate their decision on their own and eventually take action.

Multifamily vendors are paying with time and money to solve the client acquisition problem. But everything they are doing to get clients can be done for a lot less. Worried about creating one of these funnels yourself? Don’t be. The Multifamily Clients software provides built-in funnels made specifically for multifamily professionals to turn traffic to leads so that leads become sales.

Funnels help grow your business, and we have already created some so that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Included are funnels for: Appointment Booking, Webinars/Events, Lead Magnets, Trade Show Reactivations and much more.

You want your leads to take action and book a call with you, not only become aware of your brand. How much leaking revenue do you think you’ve acquired in the past year simply because you need a more efficient way to keep track of leads and the copy that will sell them? We’re here to help with the Multifamily Clients Software and all-in-one Marketing Platform.

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