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What is Multifamily Facebook Ad Reporting?

Facebook Ads reporting is a feature of the Multifamily Clients software that shows you the results of any Facebook Ads you have run. There are four tabs that provide you with different information: Campaigns, Adsets, Ads, and Demographics. We will walk you through everything that is available to you in regards to the software’s integration with Facebook Ads.

It is always important to know the outcomes of your advertising campaigns no matter what platform you are using. The Campaigns tab shows you the amount of timeline impressions you have received, your impressions per each campaign, the publisher (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.) average Cost Per Click (CPC), cost, revenue, Return on Investment (ROI) , Click-through Rate (CTR), Sales, Cost Per Sale (CPS), Leads, Cost Per Lead (CPL) and average revenue for a certain time frame. This gives you an accurate ROI for the efforts you take to market your business.

You can also see these results and data points for each campaign itself with these elements broken down.

In the Adsets tab, you can view your data based on certain groups of people. This could be those between the ages of 30-64, or it could be Top Digital Marketing Companies in the US. Whichever group of people you are targeting for each ad, you can see your results based on each group you have set. In the Ads tab, You can view your results based on each specific ad and how well it did. It will show you the Adset that each one reached, as well as the campaign that it was a part of. This is extremely important information for you to evaluate how various ads are performing in comparison to others.

In the Demographics tab, it will show you your overall demographics based on gender, country, and age.

We are offering the same campaigns we’ve used to get more than 2 million units in multifamily. These custom campaigns are meant for vendors and other multifamily professionals that want to get even more clients, and the best part is, they all come with the software! You will gain access to campaigns, funnels and copy that has been proven to work in this industry. All you have to do is implement them for your business, and track the results.

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