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What is Multifamily Web Chat?

Multifamily web chat is a service that allows you to receive inquiries and requests from potential clients directly from your website. Once someone fills out your web form, the software will send you a quick alert so that you can respond promptly and not miss out on any opportunities. If you add this feature to your site, visitors will see a chat bubble at the bottom of the screen, and when they click, a simple message asking for their name, phone number and message will appear:

After their message has been submitted, it will be sent directly to your “Conversations” tab in the software as well as the Multifamily Clients app. You will then receive an email letting you know that you have a new message in your inbox. These messages function as SMS text messages, and any response will go directly to the client’s mobile phone.

Now you have the option to either respond to them in a text message or an email. You also have the option to immediately enroll anyone who sends you a chat message into a campaign that will respond for you with a relevant message. For example, if you receive a message, the system will tag that person as “Interested” which could then enter them into a campaign such as “New Appointment Booking” or “New lead.” These campaigns would send them a number of texts, calls and emails spaced out across a certain time frame until they reply. Once a response is received, they are taken out of all campaigns and an appointment, call or other service would be booked right in your calendar.

These new contacts automatically have a profile created for them as well, allowing you to enter them into certain pipeline stages and contact them further in the future. In your settings, you can completely customize this experience so that it is tailored to your business. Here you can see that Mary was entered into your contacts and tagged as “Interested.”

Multifamily web chat is just one of the many services that the Multifamily Clients has to offer that is specifically tailored to multifamily. We provide you with preloaded messages, campaigns and funnels that have been proven to work to gain more clients in this industry. With the help of this software and our copy, soon you’ll have appointments dropping into your calendar 24/7!

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