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What is Multifamily Lead Attribution?

Multifamily lead attribution keeps track of all the activities and actions of your leads so that you can see exactly where they came from. This includes seeing how they got to your page, which page they viewed and what form or survey they filled out. After this a contact is created as seen below. You also have the ability to see exactly how much your business is making down to the source level and a true ROI calculation.

These calculations can be found in the Attribution Report. A lot of reporting shows you how many leads you’ve brought in or how many conversions you got, but what you really want to know is how much money you are making. The Multifamily Lead Attribution Reporting gives you the numerical value and exact ROI from each of your efforts so you can accurately evaluate your results.

Here you have two tabs, a conversion report and a source report. The conversion report will tell you how much revenue was closed in your pipeline, how many opportunities were closed, and how many contacts and sessions were created. You can filter this information by date and add certain parameters. The dashboard here will show you this in different visual formats and charts.

In the conversion report, you can also see how many new contacts came from direct traffic, referrals, paid search, organic search, social media, etc. Each one is broken down automatically so you can see where your traffic is generated from.

The source report will show you referrer information as well as the counts of opportunities, contacts and sessions. Under the source tab you can also track your ad campaigns from Facebook, Google, Bing, etc. and if those sessions generated are turning into contacts or opportunities. To see exactly which ads are converting you can view this in Facebook Ads Reporting.

Not only can you see where leads are coming from, you can see your ROI for each one. This helps you make wise business decisions based on what’s actually bringing in revenue. For example, you could have an ad that is getting a lot of volume, but the return on that ad is really low even though you are receiving many new leads and contacts. However, another ad could be receiving less attention, yet be very profitable when targeting a more niche audience. The attribution report will give you these answers.

The vast majority of vendors are not seeing the shift in the market and it’s happening right under their feet. Tactics that used to work no longer are, and we’ve solved this problem with software. The Multifamily Clients software costs less and does more by using proven multifamily sales strategies while providing you with valuable insights. The lead attribution report is just one feature that helps to manage your business in a changing climate and get more clients automatically.

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