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What is Multifamily Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can have access to. It allows you to nurture leads, automate appointments, send event confirmations and product receipts, and provide knowledge and value to your target audience on a regular basis. When someone discovers your business, it is important that their contact informations is received so that you can further communicate with them. This can all easily be managed in our automated system.

Once you receive someone's email address, you can either send them a message one time, or enter them into a campaign that sends them multiple messages over a certain time. This feature can be used for many different purposes. For example, say someone visited your booth at a trade show and you wanted to follow up. You already sent them a voicemail, but received no response. Here you can set an email to be sent out following a lack of response to reactivate this lead. Sometimes contacting someone in a different way may resonate more with them and get you higher results.

If your lead responds to this email, someone on your sales team can either follow up personally, or that lead may reach the next step in your campaign and be sent the next follow up email to encourage them to take action.

You can use email marketing to your advantage by slowly nurturing leads over time, even if they are not ready to buy. This could mean sending them articles, videos, and information about your product scheduled out over time, so they can learn how it could provide value to them. Now when they are ready to buy, they already have your product in mind!

Email marketing is also a great tool to use within your sales funnels and lead magnets. Here someone drove traffic to a landing page where people have the option to "Download a Free Report." This is a great sales tactic that can be managed seamlessly within the Multifamily Clients software. We give you built in campaigns that use the language that multifamily business owners want to hear. Once someone requests to access their report, you have now gained their contact information and can send them an email like this:

If nothing else, email is a great tool to use for automating calendar bookings. In the Multifamily Clients software, you immediately receive a calendar booking tool, landing page, and email/text templates. Your calendar can be fully integrated in our system to ensure you don't receive overlapping appointments, and to further allow you to nurture leads by enrolling them in follow up campaigns after their meeting.

Once a client or lead clicks to book a call or appointment, they can be brought to a page like this one shown below. Here they have the option to pick a time that works for them. This page is a template that is already pre-installed in the Multifamily Clients software and available for use.

After someone selects a time, they are directed to a thank you page where they will have the option to add the booking to their own calendar. You can also set up triggers that will send your clients Appointment Confirmation emails and reminders.

Once everything is confirmed, the appointment then pops into your calendar automatically. Normally you would have to have many different services for this to happen, but with the Multifamily Clients software, your calendar, appointments and calls all happen in one place so you can easily see your schedule for the upcoming week.

Appointment confirmation and reminder campaigns are campaigns that are used to confirm appointments and nurture the lead with reminders up until the appointment. In an appointment reminder, you may want to include the "Add This To Your Calendar" option to make it easy for your customers to simply put the event in their personal calendar. It will also remind them of the date and time, as well as any links they will need access to.

Email marketing is a proven strategy to getting more leads. There is a new urgency now for consistent and personal interactions to be had between businesses and customers, and the only way to manage this is via automations. Customers want to know companies will support them, give them truthful advice, and not just provide a service. Therefore, your messaging and amount of touch points you have with your audience are more important than ever. Speed up the process by utilizing Multifamily Clients email marketing templates to enable your business to produce profitable results.

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