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What is a Multifamily Webinar Campaign?

Webinar campaigns are one of the most effective sales strategies in existence today. Instead of paying outrageous prices to sponsor or appear as a guest speaker at an event, we bring the event to you. Now you manage your own destiny, and how many clients you can acquire without relying on building someone else's brand in the process.

First you can create ads, social media posts, blog posts etc. to advertise for your webinar and drive traffic to a sign up page. Here, you'll use a form that interested viewers can fill out so that you gain access to their information, and can begin streaming your content. The best part of all is, they don't have to wait for an event to happen, they can gain valuable knowledge from you instantly after registering, so that you're reaching your audience 24/7.

Your webinar is meant to educate your audience on either a product, or problems going on in the industry today to inspire them to think of your brand and eventually make a purchase. Recent disruptions have made it challenging for brands to maintain customer loyalty and awareness. It takes more now than ever to convince someone to buy and webinars are the solution. Video is one of the most powerful ways to market to an audience because it allows them to visualize concepts and learn through persuasion, demonstration and entertainment.

Our multifamily webinar campaign is built out in the Multifamily Clients software already and available for your use! Here is an example template where prospective clients could view your webinar:

In this template below, you can scroll down on the page and insert amazing features of your product or service along with a call to action such as "Book A Demo Call" or "Sign Up For A Free Trial." This is designed to have appointments constantly dropping into your calendar, as these campaigns are always running. This is a template, but you can add any elements you like to your webinar sales page.

The Multifamily Clients software takes the stress out of event planning, messaging, sales strategy and more by providing you with pre-installed tools for you to execute new sales strategies in seconds. Not only will you get more leads, but now you have somewhere for them to go. Once you gain more contacts, they can be tagged as interested new leads and then enter campaigns to foster a relationship, without you having to do the work!

The Multifamily opportunity pipeline seen here gives you a place to organize leads and customers in an easy and efficient way. Now you'll never forget to follow up with someone or where they are in the sales cycle, and webinars are just one way to get them there.

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