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What is Multifamily Reputation Management?

Review management allows you to keep track of your client reviews across platforms, manage your reputation, and make necessary changes. The review management service in our software puts all of your reviews in one place, so that all you have to do is link your accounts! This saves time and ensures that you will see everything that people are saying about your business.

The world has changed, and now instead of taking a risk and trying a product or service without much knowledge, people head straight to the reviews to evaluate them before making a purchase. Word of mouth has been one of the most effective marketing strategies in history, and now people don’t need to know someone personally to ask what they think.

We all know reputation is everything in the multifamily industry, and you definitely don’t want to let your ratings or any negative reviews impact your business. Instead, the Multifamily Clients software provides you with a high-level review widget where you can view and respond to reviews, or display them on your website!

On top of this, you can also implement Review Campaigns by sending past clients an email, text or voicemail asking if they would like to review your business. This streamlines the process and boosts your reputation at a quicker pace.

Gathering positive reviews should be one of your top marketing priorities. On top of giving you this strategy, the review management feature also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When Google sees that your business has many positive reviews, it then tells them that you have a real business that is reliable and trustworthy for others to discover. Once this is determined, Google will know your business is okay to be promoted and seen and therefore, make your site more visible.

There are many benefits to having multifamily vendor review management tools, but the best part about having these tools exist within the Multifamily Clients software, is that all of that data can communicate with other aspects of the platform. When someone leaves a review, you can integrate their contact information into specific campaigns where they can then be targeted for future promotions.

Remember, a client’s view of your business begins in the research phase. Oftentimes, people are not ready to buy when they first interact with your product. So by having great reviews and an easy way to manage them, you are taking an offensive approach to gaining inbound leads. Now you don’t have to sell them, because everyone else already did.

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