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What is Multifamily Messaging Follow Ups?

The Multifamily Clients Software allows you to follow up with leads via text or email automatically to streamline your sales process. Built-in lead management tools can help you track and manage leads as they enter the sales cycle.

In the CRM Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of opportunities and current clients, and then choose to have messages sent to them when they reach certain stages in the sales cycle, or take certain actions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is said to have accelerated innovation by 6 years. Businesses are being forced to create new digital strategies and support customers' changing needs. Less and less people enjoy partaking in phone conversations now versus texting or emailing. But with the overflow of messaging from brands, people are craving a more humanized experience where they feel engaged and supported. This tactic is proven to convert more sales. Here we give you the tools to provide a personalized experience for your clients in ways they are most comfortable, while still automating the process.

In the Multifamily Clients Software, you can send automatic follow up texts and emails to clients in seconds. To build client trust, you must engage in personalized and frequent conversations. But usually you have to have a real person doing the work, right? Well, you still can manually send someone a message, or you can create a campaign that does it for you.

An example of an automated campaign you could create is an "Appointment Reminder" campaign. This campaign follows up with a lead that has booked an appointment for a demo, meeting, phone call etc. and is already pre-loaded and available to you when you sign up for the software. Here is an example text message that someone might receive after booking an appointment. You can adjust the amount of time that should pass before they receive this message, and select custom values such as, "Multifamily Clients" so you don't have to reenter this information every time you send a message.

Not only can you create and send text messages, you can easily email leads as well. Depending on how your campaign is set up, you decide how and when your leads are contacted.

Now to the automations. It's often difficult for sales teams to remember to follow up with each and every lead in a timely manner. Our campaigns are designed to interact with leads quickly, and no one has to remember to do it! Once someone enters a campaign, you can have them receive various calls, texts, emails or even voicemails to follow up with them, and not let them slip through the cracks. This is a strategy that is sure to get you results, without relying on the efforts of your sales team.

For example, if someone showed interest and clicked for more information on your website, yet did not book a free consultation with you, you could have that action enter them into a follow up campaign. In this campaign, they would receive a message saying, "We noticed that you haven't yet booked a free consultation. We'd love to know if there are any questions that can be answered for you - Business Name." Then 2 days later, if they did not reply, they could receive an email from a sales representative asking them the same question. This is meant to further encourage a response.

This strategy could also be used when someone misses their appointment, needs to reschedule, or is simply requesting more information.

Campaigns allow you to schedule your sales communications, so that you don’t have to remember everything. Following up consistently with leads will increase your sales and revenue in no time. Our built in campaigns are made specifically for the multifamily industry, and we know that consistency is the key to sales success. We automated this for higher conversions, and now you can too by providing less friction for appointments and communications.

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