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What is Multifamily Voicemail Follow Up?

In the Multifamily Clients software, you can also make calls directly through the platform instead of employees using their personal numbers. Here you have access to use this system as a “softphone” for outbound calls which is an excellent way to communicate with leads for one-time calls or for calling through lists.

One important feature within the call platform is voicemail follow ups. Normally your sales team has to remember every person that they need to reach out to or follow up with after a call. Not anymore. The Multifamily Clients software automates this process with sales campaigns, so that your team doesn't have to lift a finger.

After being placed in a campaign, you can choose to manually call, email someone, send them a text, etc. automatically. However, if you want this to happen in your sleep and leave no room for error, you can select for your calls to be automated. Once someone reaches the "Voicemail" step within your campaign, and they have not responded to any previous messages, you can actually record a voicemail you would like them to receive and drop it in the campaign. All you have to do is upload an MP3 or .wav File to the Voicemail Event, and your client will receive a pre-recorded voicemail in the event that they do not answer the phone call.

Voicemail follow ups are designed to reactivate your leads and allow them to hear from a real person. This begins a more immediate conversation that inspires someone to pick up the phone and call you back. People are craving real, human interactions and this gives them just that without your team spending unnecessary time on it.

When someone calls you back, or sends you a new message, you will receive a text letting you know what they said and that you should respond to them as soon as possible. This leaves no excuses for missed or unreturned calls.

Once you have had a conversation with someone, it is important to track this data. Multifamily call tracking or reporting is another feature available to you where you can track important call details. This page allows you to see your number of answered and received calls as well as first time calls and average call duration. Now you can discover how many people are calling you on a regular basis, and what your response time is.

Another important feature is call recording. If your call recording option is on, you can listen and track your calls in the Conversations section for each lead/customer. You may want to record calls to be able to re-listen to them for quality assurance, or to remember what you discussed previously. To ensure you have call recording enabled, Go to Contacts and choose the contact you wish to listen to a recorded call with. This builds more transparency within your organization.

Personalization in your messaging is key to building customer trust. Voicemail follow ups are just one way that your brand can immediately create new relationships with leads and current customers.

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